We are offering both Black and Self-blue (lavender) Ameraucanas.  Our Ameraucanas are not mixed with other breeds that are sometimes referred to as “Easter Eggers” or “Americana”.  At this time, Black Ameraucanas are the only ones we offer recognized by the American Poultry Association (APA).  Our Black Ameraucanas are from Paul Smith’s black exhibition line directly.  These birds are beautiful and are not just another black bird for the chicken fancier.  They are stunning when free ranging in our back yard.  


The Self-blue (lavender) Ameraucanas are in the process of APA approval.  Our self-blue rooster and two hens are from Paul Smith.  We are looking to diversify this line and improving overall quality of the self-blue (lavender) line.  Ameraucanas are happy birds whether in their run or free range.  They also have a lot of personality, docile, and are very inquisitive.  They love having their picture taken and love to come and say hello.  These birds are an excellent addition to those who want to diversify their backyard stock or have blue egg layers.           


Ameraucanas have pea-shaped combs, fluffy earmuffs, and fluffy beards.  They are medium-sized hardy birds and lay well in cold weather.  Ameraucanas lay pastel blue to a blue-green egg and are excellent layers.  Expectation of egg color is sky blue.  This breed can lay up to 250+ eggs per year; average 3-4 eggs a week and medium to large size.