For the English Orpington fans, we have selectively purchased our Crele and Isabel birds from established breeders here in the US.  These birds have a beautiful brown, burnt reddish orange, gold, white, and grey coloring that makes them absolutely stunning.  The color and barring were created by crossing a Partridge with a barred cuckoo.  In essence, the Crele is a Cuckoo Partridge.  Isabels are the lighter color of the Crele family.  Our breeding program consists of a Crele split rooster over several Isabel Cuckoo and Crele split hens.  Offspring from our line will result in colors that range from a darker Cuckoo Partridge to Isabel Cuckoo.

These birds are good layers throughout the year.  Expectation is for them to lay between 150-180 large light brown to pinkish brown eggs per year.  These birds are extremely fluffy with very soft feathers and have an amazing chill temperament.  They are happy being in their run or outside free ranging for the day.  They are very distinct and striking when viewed in your backyard.   All of these things make the Crele or Isabel Cuckoo an amazing bird to have for those chicken fanciers.  We very are excited to be offering this breed.